Stogie Shane Bio

I became enamored by cigars in my early teens while in Boy Scouts by adult leaders who smoked cigars and pipes when camping and hiking. After high school, my military career did not lend itself to the pursuit of cigar bliss. Upon leaving the military, around 1995, I began reading, learning, experimenting and of course smoking. Using a dossier was a HUGE help to prepare me to do what I do now. Within 10 years, brick & mortar stores that I frequent began stocking and selling cigars based on my suggestions with new labels and keeping them in stock due to popularity. The same was true with scotches, brandies, bourbon, cognacs and brandies. Shane is an Altadis USA “VIP” representing the Altadis brands from time to time and has enjoyed reviewing their cigars, and is a charter member of of the Montecristo Social Club. He makes dozens of formal pairings to new and experienced cigar smokers alike each month based on peoples’ palates & local shops consider him a reliable resource. “For some time I’ve dreamt of diving into the cigar world formally and professionally on some level but believe the time I’ve spent studying and learning as an enthusiast has given me valuable time to mature.” Aside from smoking and reviewing cigars, Shane captains a competitive cooking team specializing in chili, gumbo and KCBS barbecue with considerably successful results, as well as serving as a certified KCBS BBQ judge. “I love to cook, eat, drink, and smoke.

I surround myself with a circle of great and valued friends that love the same things” he says. Research shows that an exponential boom in online cigar orders represent greater than 50% of total cigar sales. Brick and mortar shops are part of the American dream and while we all love to buy cigars from our local business men and women, the fact that cigars are not cheap is hard to dismiss and online savings is notable. Faceless, consolidated online warehouses are taking our money hand-over-fist and our local shops are closing their doors due to sales losses and heavy taxation. employs all of the price-saving benefits of begrudgingly ordering online and gives us an opportunity to give it to our local shops. Get excited about our site and help keep our local B&Ms open & give us all a safe haven to enjoy the camaraderie of our friends at a trusted gathering place. Thanks for reading, Shane