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StogieShane sits down with Jeffrey Avo Uvezian


  • “Your father is a living legend in the cigar world. adidas 2017 pas cher He is loved and adored by the industry. Your brother Ronny has served by his side for some time. When did you decide to enter the industry and what are your ambitions from here?”


Jeff: “I actually began working in the industry during the beginning of the cigar boom. I started with my own line of cigars called ai???Next Generationai??i?? which were eventually made for me by Nick Perdomo. Golden State Warriors Later, I began importing boutique brand cigarettes and filtered cigars from Armenia but decided that it was not what my passion was in the industry. In 2010, I released the ai???Rock-A-Fellerai??i?? line of cigars with my partner, and my present company, Vintage Rockefeller Cigar Group was established. Today, we are producing our ai???Classicai??i?? line of award winning cigars in the Dominican Republic, and our newer lines, which will be produced, out of a factory in Nicaragua.

I am excited to say that our new blends are excellent in both quality and price, and will be well received by the boutique cigar industry. FjAi??llrAi??ven KA?nken Big As for my father, he is a great man and has done a lot within the industry. I believe that over the next few years, cigar enthusiasts worldwide will recognize the same value and quality in my brands which they have in my fathers world famous ai???AVOai??i?? line. “



  • “Tell us about your Rock-A-Feller cigar line.”


Jeff: “The Rock-A-Feller ai???Classicai??i?? line is a lineup of 3 different cigars, now all blended and rolled out of a boutique factory in the Dominican Republic. In fact, the same master blender who assisted my father, are producing my ai???Classicai??i?? line. The blends, a Connecticut Wrapper, a Habano wrapper and a Brazilian Maduro Wrapper, are all spectacular smokes at a very reasonable price. The Connecticut is considered mild in strength with an earthy flavor and creamy finish. The Habano is more on the medium bodied end, with a heavy wood and nut flavor and a spicy finish. The maduro line, and perhaps my favorite in the ai???Classicai??i?? line up, is a meatier medium to full bodied smoke. Brazilian maduro wrappers tend to be a little ai???sharpai??i?? in their flavor and strength, which can make them very ai???throatyai??i??. The additional aging gives an added balance, giving the line a creamier finish with distinct coffee and cocoa notes.

We just released the ai???LT56ai??i?? for NFL Hall of Fame legend, 2 time Super Bowl Champion and cigar enthusiast, former NY Giant Linebacker, Lawrence Taylor. This is a medium to full bodied Connecticut wrapped cigar with a heavy amount of ligero, from the Nicaraguan volcanic river Esteli valley and the southern Pennsylvania growing region outside of Lancaster County.

We will also be introducing the newest lineup of cigars from our manufacturer in Nicaragua right at the IPCPR. I canai??i??t tell you the line name yet, but I can tell you that the prototypes weai??i??ve sent to tester shops got amazing feedback and extremely positive reviews. Everyone really seems to be enjoying them, and cigar enthusiasts across the US will really enjoy these new blends.”



  • “As a cigar manufacturer and brand owner, what importance do you place on the traditional Brick and Mortar shop in the U.S.?”


Jeff: “These shops are imperative to our survival as an industry, and I have always firmly supported my retailers and their businesses. air max pas cher homme Retailers turn customers on to different brands and blends all the time ai??i?? the more support and empowerment I can give to a retailer, the better likelihood that they will promote my blend to their clientele and lounge members.”



  • “What impact on the industry do you place, if any, on the advent of online cigar sales? Do you feel these trends are self-sustaining to the U.S. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames groen market?”


Jeff: “Thatai??i??s a great question. More and more Iai??i??m seeing within this industry shop owners turning to the internet to generate sales and extra revenue for their businesses. The internet is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to gaining access to an entirely different avenue of consumers. I live on Long Island, and a great cigar shop or lounge is merely a stoneai??i??s-throw away. But for a smoker in less suburban locations, a suitable shop may not be so close. For those folks, it used to be that youai??i??d have to go to a store to buy your cigars and that might have been an hour long drive, or more! But now more so than ever, cigars are being shipped direct to consumers thanks to the internet. Yet, while this impersonal way of selling is a growing trend, I feel that it neither can, nor ever will it, replace the experience one receives at a cigar shop or lounge.

Smoking cigars in the company of friends is one of the many things that makes this industry what it is. Cigar smoking is a social activity ai??i?? cigar enthusiasts smoke cigars at backyard Barbeques, at tailgating events, on the golf course, on their back porches; etc. A cigar smoker is never without friends.

As for sustainability; thanks to the invent of the world-wide-web, online sales for tobacco and cigars have already proven that the internet is a great way to sell product to the ai???shop-lessai??i?? cigar smoker.”



  • “You have taken a progressive stance that many boutique brand owners have taken on selling your Rock-A-Feller brand to/through online companies. What makes the exception to your rule?”


Jeff: “Itai??i??s time to take Rock-A-Feller and the other brands we carry to that next step. I have (and will still continue to do so) supported my boutique vendors as long as they continue to carry, promote and sell the Rock-A-Feller Classic, the LT56, and all other Vintage Rockefeller product lines. asics buty sklep The difference here is that your site is designed to help established retailers and merchants sell supplemental product to customers across the US. A consumer looking for that really rare or super boutique cigar which is unavailable to him locally, need only turn to and connect with a shop in Rhode Island or North Carolina who just so happen to have that special cigar they are searching for. J.T. Thomas also offers an interesting insight to the industry; that is that cigar shops will be working together with to help raise awareness of new boutique products.

What interests me is that offers a unique selling dynamic that Brick & Mortarai??i??s have never had before, and thatai??i??s the ability to introduce themselves to a much wider audience. Itai??i??s the same thing a site like Expedia, Trivago or Priceline offers to the consumer looking for great deals on car rental services, hotels and airline companies ai??i?? a much broader range of unique specials and packages at unbeatable pricing. It really is avery smart approach to selling boutique cigars while assisting the Brick and Mortar owners.”



  • “I’m sure you’ve been asked, or at least have had the inclination to have formed an opinion on the impact of the looming availability of Cuban cigars in the U.S. When do you think they’ll be “reasonably” available legally here? What impacts do you forecast they’ll have on the current cigar market?”


Jeff: “Well, thatai??i??s hard to say. So many people want the market to open because they want access to the taboo side of cigars, the illustrious ai???Cubanai??i??. But hereai??i??s the thing; I think that the cigars coming out of the DR, Nicaragua and Honduras are just as good, if not better than most Cubans leaving their factories for destinations around the globe.

Itai??i??s no secret that Cuban cigars have seamlessly been able to pull off very high scores in magazines like Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Insider and Cigar & Spirits Magazine; but thatai??i??s just it. Nike Air Max 1 mAi??skie CzAi??rne These scores are made available to a market where they are off limits to the consumer.

I think, that one of three things will happen. Firstly, I feel that we wonai??i??t see Cuban cigars on our market for at least another 5 years ai??i?? there is just too many issues with trademarks. Secondly, the influx will be so great and so fast that the rollers will scarcely have time to put the bands on the cigars before they are shipped out of factory. This will lead to a lot of problems ai??i?? broken or cracked wrappers, plugged cigars, poorly color sorted boxes and a myriad of other serious issues. It will ultimately hurt the consumers perception reputation of the brands sold.

Finally, and this is the part Iai??i??m most excited over, is potential access to Cuban tobacco. Imagine what amazing blends the boutique Dominican or Nicaraguan factories will begin producing when they can offer a hybrid of Cuban tobacco with Nicaraguan ligero and Dominican filler? Cigars the consumer will have multiple boutique options to choose from.